IMG_0088 2I grew my hair fast by keeping my hair up all of the time! I guess you can say I used protective styles most of the time. I always kept my hair put up in a low sleek bun, so my ends were protected. I would wash and deep condition my hair once a week and I would drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. There is really no secret to how I grew my hair. I was just mainly consistent with my hair regime and I always made sure my hair was moisturized before I put my hair up during the week. I believe the keys to growing your hair out is keeping the hair moisturized and using low manipulation. If you don’t bother your hair and keep it moisturized it will flourish because you are getting less breakage and retaining length. I would suggest that for anyone who is trying to grow their hair out to find a regime that works for you, and stick to it! Trust me, when you find a hair care routine that works, your hair will start to grow and flourish!IMG_0091